About Us

  About me

My name is Nigel Rothery and I am a fully qualified driving instructor working in Huddersfield and the surrounding area.  

 I have been teaching people to drive for more than 16 years and have a wealth of experience to offer you in your quest to become a driver.       

If you are looking for a driving instructor in the                                                      Huddersfield area then you have come to the right place.


                      Driving Lessons


Enjoy quality instruction in a relaxed, patient and friendly environment helping you to develop your driving skills to the full.

Whether you are a complete beginner or passed your test years ago and just need a few refresher lessons, you will be made to feel welcome.

You will receive one to one tuition with no gimmicks! Pick up and drop off points can be arranged to suit your needs (within reason of course :- remember I will probably need to be somewhere else in Huddersfield soon after your lesson).


        If you would like to learn to drive and enjoy the experience,

                                      get in touch now.


                                                     Nigel's School of Motoring.


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